The Tail Wags the Dog

GETZVILLE, NY Having worked with folks as they plowed through their psychological struggles of varying severity taught Dr. Amy Beth Taublieb an enormous amount about the human condition. Her book, “The Tail Wags the Dog” (published by AuthorHouse), serves as a virtual guide to living life at an optimal level while navigating life’s inevitable struggles.

The book combines the expertise of a doctoral level clinical with the practical and easy to understand presentation relevant to the lay reader. Addressing a wide range of topics, the book can serve as a guide to understanding/interacting with others, and, basically living life in a psychologically healthier manner.

Since content is derived entirely from lessons learned by a psychologist from her patients, material presented is not colored purely by academic research and psychological dictates. Rather, what thousands of men, women and children have found to be helpful in their struggles with depression, anger, grief, anxiety, obsessions, addictions, insecurities, and other psychological issues, is presented to readers in a concise, usable format.

The direct, easy-to-understand language of this book exudes true relevance to each and every reader. Running the gamut from parenting issues, to addictive problems, to interpersonal interaction styles, to relationship struggles, to psychological/psychiatric diagnoses ,to just plain making it through day to day life, “The Tail Wags the Dog” is an absolutely insightful read.

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